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The Celebrity Solstice is the lead ship of the Solstice-class of cruise ships operated by Celebrity Cruises. Built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, she was floated out on August 10, 2008, and christened by ocean scientist Professor Sharon L. Smith at a ceremony in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, on November 14, 2008. The first post-Panamax vessel in the Celebrity fleet, she features innovative interior design and onboard amenities, including an ocean-going live grass lawn, a glassblowing studio, and a 12 deck-high atrium. Celebrity Cruises announced the suspension of all North American itineraries until 30 June 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and extended to 1 August 2020.

An angry passenger shared this review, "Before you jump to conclusions I have been on 10 cruises and this literally was the worst. The only things we enjoyed were the shore excursions. The ship is in great need of being redone. There was dust and apparently other things on the ship making people cough and sneeze all the time. We both left the ship not feeling well and I ended up at the doctor and more time off work due to my illness. This was our first time on Celebrity Solstice and will be the last. It was so bad my husband is talking about never cruising again. They were out of my husbands drink of choice the first day telling him it hadn't been loaded yet (we were at sea already), then they got upset when he wouldn't drink their alternative. They truly ran out of Bud Light on the 4th day of the trip. Amazing!! They closed the buffet many times a day and had the same foods every day with no variety. The curtains in our stateroom were literally falling to pieces. I had to use a paperclip just to keep them shut at night. The tie backs were held on the wall by a nail and a safety pin. Our bed were rutted in the middle and kept coming apart and my husband kept falling in the crack. I could go on for hours but don't have the desire to get deeper into the mess it was."


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SC says

"Can not get passenger details right, getting lied too and ripped off with cruise credits. Very disappointed in the service"

Matt says

"Very hopeless! After spending hours to select a suitable cruise, I received an Email that the price is increased and also I need to pay more deposit than it was mentioned in the website. Waste of time"

squishy squishy says

"we booked a room 3 months ago and we still do not have a room allocated and therefore we do not have tickets for this as yet. bad service no answered questions.. no 5 days to go and not able to print tickets because we don't have a room allocated as yet."

Pritika Narayan says

"Price on sale was $914 and and now price for interior quad share is $543 what a ripoff"

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